Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Adoniram Judson and Wives

I've just finished reading "Storming the Golden Kingdom", a biography of Adoniram Judson and his wives Ann, Sarah and Emily. Adonirum went as a missionary to Burma, a Buddhist country with his new wife Ann. Over the next thirty or so years he would learn the language, translate the Bible into Burmese, see many come to Christ and face the concequences of their profession in a country which vehemently opposed it. He discipled Burmese Christians to lead the church there and spread the gospel amongst their own people. He would know the joys of having children, and the distress of losing many of them. He lost Ann, then remarried, then lost Sarah, then remarried, and then Emily had to see her husband die.

His testimony is such a challenge, to live all out for Christ, to know the joy of sharing in His sufferings, to see His kingdom extended. I recommend reading anything you can about hiM!